I wrote a book

I’m actually really excited! I’ve finished my publication for one of my University projects. I’m kind of nervous about it because I’ve never really let anyone see my work before, So the idea that people will be able to see it and read it, just kind of puts me on edge. It sounds stupid but […]

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This is me, I guess

Hello, you lovely people! So, I’ve never really introduced myself on here… and I kind of feel that I’ve left it a long time and probably should do it soon. I probably should no one will probably read this…. But hey, let’s not focus on that eh?! So, this is my blog page! (Who’d have […]

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Wild Heart

My heart is that of a fox. He runs through the forest. His fur shines in the warm spring air, I can’t help but notice that he’s alone. And I envy him. His life is carefree. Whereas I have to go about my life, With the stresses of the modern world. Surrounded by noise and […]

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I’m Sorry

We stand here face to face frozen in time I see into your eyes and into your soul because our eyes are the windows to our souls and yours are always open Naive you can see the same in mine you see the blackness that I could never explain not because I can’t but because […]

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Beautiful Things

The world is how you see it, Nothing is the same to different eyes To some, the world is one color And to other, it’s a technicolor show With exaggerations on the little details Where the reds are deeper and the Blues like music that flows over the ears Like a gentle caress. But many […]

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