It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I guess you could say a lot has happened since. Actually, in reality, I don’t think a lot has happened it just seems like a lot.

But I finished my dissertation, it ended up being around 209 pages and just over 35,000 words. Looking back at through the old drafts to the final one that I’d handed in, I could see how it had changed and how much my writing had improved. It’s actually really nice to look at.

So, for more context on what my dissertation actually was, it was an opening to a novel, which I started around this time last year. Basically it’s about a town that gets stuck in time by a scientist, but this is something that is played off to be normal, until Lena witnesses some unusual events in the town and her eyes are opened that the perfect little town that she lives in, isn’t as perfect as she had originally thought.

There is more to it than that  but I feel like if I start explaining it all then I’ll end up waffling on about my weird plot lines.

But I’d spent about a year planning a novel, writing the overview for each chapter until about chapter seven, I think it was any way it was around that time.  And then I ended up losing all them plans and I feel like I cried a little at the time, because I’d spent ages writing something just to lose it. I’m sure I made backups somewhere I just couldn’t remember where I saved them. So, if you make plans for a novel, remember to save it somewhere you will remember and also back it up somewhere, otherwise, you’ll be said like me.


With that aside it was a really enjoyable process, I enjoyed writing my dissertation even when sometimes I cried at it and shredded certain pages because it didn’t fit or didn’t sound right. But when I finished the final draft that I was going to hand in, I was incredibly proud of the writing that I’d produced – that said, give it a few months and I probably won’t like what I’ve written, hence why I’m avoiding reading it for a bit.

But I got my grade back! I got a 2:1 which I was kind of surprised about, where I was proud of what I’d written but I wasn’t sure if my tutors would like it, because I’d put so much effort into writing it and I was genuinely really proud of it. I was so happy with the mark because it meant that they also liked it and that was all I really wanted.

With that said, I looked at the grade but didn’t look at the feedback from the marker and the second marker. It sounds stupid but at the time just seeing the grade that I’d been given was enough, I also didn’t want to see what they had to say about it just yet – like I said I’d spent so long writing this I was kinda scared of what peoples reaction it would be.

But the other day I was in Leicester visiting Dan and I realized how much I missed writing, my friends from back home were sharing their accomplishments with their writing too and I didn’t really have anything new to show them just the project that I’d spent so long writing and I missed it. At this point, I hadn’t written anything creative in about a month, and it made me want to write. At the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the dissertation project or if I wanted to start something new, mainly because I’d been writing my dissertation for a while and didn’t want to end up hating it.


So, I was contemplating writing some poetry or attempting to anyway and decided when I got home I decided to read the feedback that my tutors had written and it seemed really positive, one of them said ‘I think this is genuinely an exciting project to keep working on for the MA and beyond’ the MA being the creative writing masters that  my uni now does (and what I’m doing next year!!) and that one comment really stood out to me and made me feel like I’m actually good at something and it as really nice. It might sound strange but it was lovely to read that they liked what I’d written and basically boosted my confidence as a writer.

So, now I’ve started to continue that project and hopefully soon I can have a finished first draft of the complete thing.


I also want to try and write a video game script, in the coming year too. I’ve been researching them a lot and they seem like they’d be a lot of fun to write. I’m not really sure how to write one yet… but it is going to be fun learning 😛 


Three Years

Three years ago, I never thought about graduation. I was in my last part of college and was excited to go to university, I think this time three years ago, me and my class were putting together our end of year show, it was basically our leavers show and it was one of the last things I worked on with my college class.



Most of us in the class went off on our own journeys with some going to uni, some staying on at the college and others going out into the world of work. I don’t really see much of that class anymore, There are about four people that I still talk to, and see regularly. But the idea of us leaving college wasn’t a big deal even though we were all moving away, we were still doing something similar to the course that we’d just been studying (Creative Media Production) so it didn’t seem at the time that much of a jump from college to university, it wasn’t like going from school to college.

I’m probably rambling but I don’t really mind at this point (sorry) But university seems to have gone incredibly quickly! It’s actually terrifying.

I think looking back at Uni (I know I haven’t finished yet but y’know) I think the only thing that I would change is to hang around with people that aren’t on my course. In my first year I lived with nine other people and it was nice, I mean I got to meet people from different backgrounds and from different parts of the world, we all did different courses so we were a mixed bunch! After first year some of them moved into a house and I still talk to them on a daily basis. I was (and still am) in different societies, the main one being Demon Media – it’s one of the reasons that I wanted to go to DMU. But because I wasn’t really a social person back then I didn’t go out to the socials that much with them and that’s one thing I really regret! But as it is I didn’t so I can’t really focus to much on that.

I started going out with my friends more at the end of my second year, there was a conference held at the uni that I volunteered at along with other people from Demon, and it was possibly the best time that I’ve had at uni. And then this year I met my best friends, I kind of knew them last year like we’d talk, but this year we got to know each other a lot more and they are literally the best people.

I think there is a lot time at uni that you end up regretting, some of it that you wish that you’d done and stuff that you probably wish you hadn’t but it just goes so quickly! And you don’t even notice – that’s the scarier bit.

But I found out last week that I graduate on the 18th July 2018 which is the day before my sister’s graduation too! I think the closer we get to that date I’ll get more excited for it, but at the minute there are several deadlines between me and graduation which I’m not looking forward to. I’ve got my dissertation to do and I wrote a list of everything that I need to hand it with that and it just made me sad because I realize how much I have to do and how little time I have left. But I should be able to get through it all!!! Well, I’d hope so anyway.

To leave this on a plus note, my novel that I’m working on just tipped over 20,000 words today so I’m celebrating with jaffa cakes and cooking programmes.


I did it! It’s Published

So, my poetry book is now published…

Not going to lie I had originally planned to release it on Monday (26th) but when looking at the website, I thought it would be a great idea to try and schedule it and, well, that was a mistake. Because it just sent it to ‘review’ and then to publish…….

At first, I panicked because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for it to be released and after spamming Dan basically panicking that it was being released early. It sounds stupid because I knew it was going to be published at some point, it’s just I’d prepared for Monday and it was going out sooner.  But I think after I’d had a cup of coffee I decided that it was probably a good thing that I’d accidentally released it early because it meant that I didn’t have to have this panic later on.

To be fair,  I probably could have just taken it down after it had been published and republished it on Monday, but I came to the conclusion that I would have had the same reaction on Monday and other than the fact that I’d originally planned to publish it on Monday, there wasn’t really any other reason for it not to go up earlier.

But, to be honest, after it was listed and I could find it when searching for it on Amazon, I got really excited about it, even though I’d already received proof copies of it. It’s now an actual book without the proof copy banner going across the cover, it’s really weird, but it’s nice 😛

I can call myself a published writer now – its weird… to me anyway, I’d always wanted to get at least one thing in print and I did it!



So, this publication is part of my course, where we had to edit a collection of work and basically create the book. We could have done anything for the publication, so I did poetry because over my time at uni I really feel in love with it. At school, I wasn’t poetry’s biggest fan because it was the sort of thing where we were given a poem and told to analyze it and it just took the joy out of it. and then getting to uni and we were being taught about different forms of poetry whether it be in a strict form or free form.  And I just started to really love poetry again. Anyway, some people in my class have written short stories and letters and also poetry for their collections. We could also use work from other people too, but that NEEDED to have the correct copyright and permissions to use. Part of me thought that would be nice to do, but then I also liked the idea of having my work in print, but all is good!

In a strange way, its brought the class closer together. It’s not like none of us get along with each other, it’s more on the fact that we’d never really had a chance to talk to each other before. Because in my year you couldn’t do creative writing on its own as a single honours degree, it had to be a joint honours degree; So, I do Creative Writing and Film Studies. Other people in my class do Creative Writing and Drama, Journalism, English Language and Literature, I think there is a few more. But because of that, we don’t always end up in the same classes and it results in a lot of us not talking to each other as much. But with this assignment in particular, because we are all publishing our work we’re in the same boat as each other. And we decided, well say ‘we’ it was one of the girls on the course, she set up a group and said that we could all support each other and read each other’s work when it was published. It’s actually really nice because it means that we get to read someone’s work who we haven’t read before, and its just really nice because we are talking to each other and sharing ideas.

I’m looking forward to reading more work!

Please become my clown. 1


I’ll add the link on here to the Amazon page where if you wanted you can have a look at the publication

Thank you ;P


I wrote a book

I’m actually really excited! I’ve finished my publication for one of my University projects. I’m kind of nervous about it because I’ve never really let anyone see my work before, So the idea that people will be able to see it and read it, just kind of puts me on edge. It sounds stupid but it’s something that I’ve written, and it’s kind of personal to me….. Probably sounds weird, so I’m just going to move on from that.

But its called The Girl Who Waited For You and its kinda going on Amazon.

Copy of The Girl Who Waited for You (3)


This is the front cover, I’m proud of it, at first this was just an experiment. From when I was playing around with the different fonts and what not. But I liked it and some of the people in my class liked it too, so I just decided to keep it. Although it does have a different Kindle cover. Originally it was just going to be a kindle but then I kind of liked the idea of having a physical copy of something that I could hold, but then the idea grew on me and I kind of came to like the idea of the paperback over the Kindle.

So, now I have a paperback and a Kindle edition. So, that’s fun!

It’s basically a collection of poetry, 31 poems kind of dance around the idea of space and the people that exist in the spaces. Whether it be the space that we see above us in the night sky or the space that we find ourselves retreating to in our minds, and how the people who are there to help when your mind wander’s away.

Space became a concept we just accepted

It hopefully going to publish between the 21st and 23rd February 2018 on Amazon.


This is me, I guess

Hello, you lovely people!

So, I’ve never really introduced myself on here… and I kind of feel that I’ve left it a long time and probably should do it soon. I probably should no one will probably read this….

But hey, let’s not focus on that eh?!

So, this is my blog page! (Who’d have thought I’d decide to create one eh!) Anyway, I’m Kathryn Adderley, and I like to think of myself as a writer, I say think mainly because I know there are tons of people who are better at it then I am! I’m currently in my third year at De Montfort University studying Creative Writing and Film Studies.

I realized that I’ve never really written a blog before so this could be really terrible, so sorry in advance for that, no seriously sorry. I tried to write blogs before but just never seemed to continue them, mainly because I had no idea what to write! The whole idea of this blog originally was to allow people to read some of the work that I’d done in my first two years of university. Some of it I read back and just thought it was shocking and was disappointed that I’d even handed it in, So I decided that on here I’d post the stuff that I was most proud of.

There’s not a lot on here at the minute mainly because for one of the projects in my third year is a publication which the idea being that at the end of the module we get to publish some of our work in a physical copy. The only downside to it is that some of the poems I wrote for that I’m not allowed to post on here. But I will be posting links to that on here when it’s done.

I figured that because I wanted to continue posting on here that I would talk a little about the writing process of some of the projects that I was in the middle of writing and some that I’m struggling to write. Folks might not read it, but I like to think that it’s there if people want to read it – if that makes sense.

That doesn’t really say much about me as a person, But I think of you asked my flatmates they’d tell you I was awkward and possibly cringey. To be fair, I’d say the same. But I like to think it’s an art form to get to a certain level of cringe, I mean that stuff takes effort! It always takes me back to what one of my lecturers said to me in my first year of University, she went around the room and one by one she told everyone, that she believed that they’d go far, she picked up little bits of their work to prove her point. And when she got to me she said ‘Kathryn, what can I say about you? Well, you’re quirky’ and y’know what that’s probably one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me. It may sound strange but if you look at it, in the same way, I did.

I wasn’t the same as everyone else in the class, I was quirky.  And doing a quick google search to get the dictionary definition is

Quirky, (Adjective) Unusual in an attractive and interesting way

And y’know what I’ll take that any day!

So, this is me.  I hope you enjoy the poetry and short stories that I write.

Also just thought I’d show my cringe in the photo Jade, one of my lovely best friends took…. I like to think I never claimed to be normal.


Wild Heart

My heart is that of a fox.
He runs through the forest.
His fur shines in the warm spring air,
I can’t help but notice that he’s alone.

And I envy him.

His life is carefree.
Whereas I have to go about my life,
With the stresses of the modern world.
Surrounded by noise and people.

For what I would do to be that little
fox in the woods.

By Kathryn Adderley

I’m Sorry

We stand here
face to face
frozen in time
I see into your eyes and
into your soul
because our eyes are the windows to our souls

and yours are always open


you can see the same in mine
you see the blackness that I could never explain
not because I can’t
but because you wouldn’t understand

and you’re scared


and I’m Sorry.